Business partners Brandon Seavers and Mark Yoshida have been working together in the music industry for decades. Seavers and Yoshida first formed AudioGraphic MasterWorks in 1997, which manufactured CDs and DVDs.  In response to the recent growing demand for vinyl records, Seavers and Yoshida expanded in partnership with Matthew Johnson and Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records to start a record pressing plant.  After purchasing and refurbishing nine old (circa 1960s) record presses, Memphis Record Pressing opened for business in 2014!  

Services at MRP range from pressing the vinyl to printing, packaging, wrapping, and shipping the records.  In the first year of operations, MRP added over 40 employees and currently operates the presses 24/5, making MRP a key player in the vinyl music industry.  Based in Memphis, TN, MRP is proud to keep Memphis’ music legacy alive.