When submitting your audio files, it is recommended that you keep a few key details in mind.  

  1. Do not exceed the maximum recommended playing lengths per side.  Longer playing times lead to a decrease in the recording level and dynamics.
  2. Place powerful tracks at the beginning of each side instead of the end of the side.  The conditions for reading vinyl records gets worse as the diameter decreases towards the center of the record.
  3. Please supply a complete track list that includes track timings and their separation from Side A into Side B (C and D when applicable).  Also include the total time of each side.
  4. Remember to ensure the data on the track list corresponds with the master, the labels and all artwork involved.  

Recommended format:

  • WAV (Windows PCM)-uncompressed audio 
  • Bit Resolution Accepted: 16 or 24 bit.

Suggested maximum playing times (minutes):

Vinyl Diameter 33 ⅓ RPM 45 RPM
12” 15-22 12-16


If MRP will also host your digital downloads, please remember to send us an MP3 format of your album in addition to the .WAV format.  Make sure all metadata is included.

You can email your audio files to your customer service representative at MRP.