Founded in 2014, Memphis Record Pressing (MRP) was originally a collaboration between Brandon Seavers & Mark Yoshida of Audiographic Masterworks (‘AGMW’, est. 1997) and Matthew Johnson & Bruce Watson of Fat Possum Records (‘FP’, est. 1992.) Having spent the better part of 15 years working together for CD manufacturing and related businesses, AGMW and FP teamed up to fill a much-needed gap in the resurging world of vinyl manufacturing. After acquiring a recently-defunct pressing plant in New Jersey (EKS,) MRP worked feverishly to build out the complicated but necessary infrastructure required to power vinyl production, while simultaneously scouring the nation in search of those with the knowledge to bring the aged machines back to life. All of the pieces fell into place in January of 2015, when MRP officially opened to the public.

In June 2016, MRP joined forces with GZ Media (GZ) from the Czech Republic, the largest manufacturer of vinyl records in the world. This partnership, along with the increased global attention on the vinyl resurgence, combined with the appetite of the major record labels to capitalize on vinyl’s new-found glory, has fueled MRP’s growth into a global leader in vinyl LP production. MRP has been in a constant state of expansion, growing from 15 employees in 2015 to 200+ employees in 2022, with vinyl output increasing from 880,000 LPs in 2015 to an estimated 10.5 million in 2022.

MRP’s goal is to make the highest quality record, with the fastest turn-arounds in the industry, backed by the best customer service around. Memphis Record Pressing is proud of its Memphis heritage, and is dedicated to keeping all things vinyl alive and spinning for many years to come.

Catrina Traylor Francis
Marketing & Communications Director